Thursday, January 7, 2010

My blog year in review

The HEMLOCKIAN Philosophy

Last year was my first year as a blogger. I enjoyed it very much. I have tried to write amusing little blogs. Occasionally I would start with an idea and by the end of it I would be standing on my soap box. I really don't have a political agenda. I just like common sense and occasionally some people make me crazy because they are just sowing fear.
The blogs I enjoyed the most had nothing to do with politics. I will recap some of my favorites and put in the link.

My Philosophy: Who I model my life after. (short and sweet)
My Internet Caregivers: Everybody has this problem.
Get off my lawn: The urge to be Clint Eastwood!
Adjusting to the weather: Moving even further south
Life is not fair:Adventures in personal grooming.
Living healthy through diet and exercise: A creative solution for healthy living?
Squirrelly is not a bad thing: In praise of squirrels.
Yahoo answers, really?: All questions..any subject...answered...!!!....???
The day I saw Jesus: I was just trying to get his autograph.
Jeopardy Meme: A meme in Jeopardy form or is it Jeopardy in meme form.
My two cents: Yeah! People get me cranky.
Problem Solving: Tidy solutions for an untidy world.

Some of my favorite subjects are about growing up in the 50's and 60's,writing a mystery series, crazy politics and logic, and just universal strangeness and crankiness on my part.
So basically my life in the past year has been solving problems: chasing Jesus, re-entering 5th grade, thinking I was Clint Eastwood, thinking of creative solutions for my personal grooming, health, writing detective novels and writing books on poop.
I am a problem solver.

For a transcript of my blog:
Option 1: send a SASE to:Jonathan Hemlock, Mail Boxes for less, Box43, Smithtown, Barbados (enclose $1500 for S & H)
Option 2: Copy and Paste.
I suggest the first option.

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