Friday, November 4, 2016


IBM (involuntary bowel movement)

I soiled myself again.
perhaps I should not think about the presidential election.

As numerous people have stated recently, "Holy crap! 300 million people in this country and this is the best we could find?  Shame on you, America."

This is like "dumb and dumber.

Hillary lies and knows she knows she's lying.
"The Donald" tells outrageous lies and believe it is the truth.

I wish I could "feel the Bern".

It summarizes how i feel bout the candidates.


Ah...I remember it like yesterday.
I was the lead-off batter for  Mineville.  The pitcher for Port Henry was "Lefty" Denton.  He walked me on four pitches.  I did not get a chance to swing my Mickey Mantle 32 inch little league Louisville slugger bat.  

This was my first time at bat in little league baseball.
Ah...just like... yesterday.
Wait.  It must have been the day before yesterday.
I remember almost nothing about yesterday. 

My wife worries about me.  I go to the bedroom to get something and when I get there, a distance of 20 feet, I ask myself, "why am I here?"

I look around. Perhaps I will recognize something that  will give me a hint. Nope!  
I return to the kitchen. 
My wife queries,"Did you find it?"
Should I answer yes or no.?
Lie!  I don't want to look like a fool.
"Yes! cream!
"What is the ice cream doing in the bedroom?"
Uh...ummm! I look like a fool.
And so it goes.

If I was ever questioned by the police and they asked, "where were you at 2 pm Friday afternoon?"  I would put  out my hands and let them slap the handcuffs on me, because I have no idea where I was.

They will have to ask my wife.
She remembers everything I did since we were married.  I know this because it comes up every time we have a disagreement.

 I am working on improvement. 
I purchased a memory book.  I forget who the author was, but I hear he is very good.
Or was it a she?
As soon as I can find it I will start studying it.
Oh wait, that's what I was looking for in the bedroom.