Monday, October 8, 2012

His spirit dims slowly.

I haven't had much time to write my blog lately.  That has not where my mind has been.
I!  (Wilson weighed 9 pounds when this picture was taken in October 2011)

Our cat Wilson's health has started to fail recently.   It has been almost a full time job nursing him along to good health.  Our efforts do not seem to be helping him much.  This is a cat who once weighed nineteen pounds.  He now weighs six pounds. He is not eating well.  We give him all kinds of medications.  He just stays in an area in our kitchen that is about 2 ft by 3 ft.  His litter box is there, his cushion is there  and his food is there.   This has become his life.

The vet doesn't know what is really wrong with him.   One thing we do know for sure is that he has hyperthyroidism. we were also told that he may have a tumor and kidney failure.  A few more tests, a lot more dollars and the vet might be able to tell us tell us for more. This is our situation.

The little french lady and I came to a decision on Saturday.  We decided to treat him only for his hyperthyroidism.  This is the only problem we know he has with certainty.  It would be cruel to stop treating him for that, because he would be constantly obsessing about food without any relief.   The other problems.......well... if he has them, it is basically a death sentence for him.  If he doesn't have a tumor or kidney failure  he will live on for a while.

We are both heartbroken watching how our little companion's life has changed.  His quality of life has diminished significantly in the last six weeks.  We are trying to make his life more comfortable in his final days, if they are his final days.

He has made me laugh every day for sixteen years.  He has has been a wonderful companion for the little french lady and myself.  He has a huge personality and spirit.   His spirit dims slowly.

This is a photo of Wilson in September 2005. He weighed 19 lbs at the time.  He  pushed his yellow food dish from the other side of the kitchen into the living room.  He nudged it with his nose.  He had to go around a counter, over the rug  and over that small hump in the doorway.  He looks worried.  "We noticed you, Wilson."

Note: Our little friend of 16 years passed away Tuesday evening 10/09/2012.   We are sad.  His spirit lives on in our heart.

I added a short little movie of Wilson.   He was a charmer.