Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Hemlock year in review

2013! What a mess.

I've had writer's block.

Happy New Year!!! I will take this occasion to give you an update on our life.
  • There is a new cat in our life.  Her name is Madison.  Wilson, our faithful companion of sixteen years passed away in Montreal on October 9th, 2012.  
  • We came back to Myrtle Beach in April 2013.  The house just seemed empty without Wilson.  Madison is very different than Wilson.  She is a very high energy cat, talkative and very bossy.  She makes more sounds in one day than Wilson did in sixteen years.  We cannot find her off button.
  • We decided that Myrtle Beach is where we want to be for the rest of our lives.  No more Montreal for us.  It was fun, it is done.
  • I think I am losing the little french lady.  She has lost thirty three pounds this year. NO DIET!  Amazing!!!  She just ate healthier foods in smaller portions.  The only exersize she has done, and is still doing is walking.  Yesterday she walked about six and a half miles.  The last time I heard from her she was just west of Baltimore and will be in Boston by Easter. (just kidding, but not about the weight loss and the walking.)

  • This pictures was ten weeks ago.  She has lost 12 more pounds since.
  • We both have been taking classes.  I took a class in Memoir writing and we both took Mosaics.  We both enjoy the mosaics very much.  I created a Kandinsky mosaic, and a sunny beach mosaic.   The little French lady did a cat mosaic.
  • We both have been reading a lot of books.  I am still reading John Sandford, Stuart Woods, Ann Rule and many others.  
  • I just finished Johnny Carson by Henry Bushkin.  Johnny was a real jerk off camera.  He died alone.  I am reading something by Glenn Beck called "Miracles and Massacres".  I just finished a couple of Stuart Woods' fluffy books.  They are fun reads but not very mentally challenging.  The thing about Stuart Woods is he is capable of much better work.   He could be the next James Michener but he writes like a guy who gets to chapter 50 and says "I will finish this book in the next ten pages", and he does.  But I still enjoy his easy style.  
  • We have done some Geocaching this fall and winter season.  We don't do much geocaching during the summer.  Too hot!!  We now have 12 caches placed.  On one cache we have over 400 finds.

    We are getting better at mosaics.

    I plan on being more productive with  my blogging in 2014.  I guess 2013 had too many distractions.  I lost my habit and motivation somewhere between Montreal and Myrtle Beach.  I enjoyed writing my blog and now it is time to get back to it. The Little French Lady just told me she is glad too. She missed it.
Happy New Year to everyone.
August 2012. Mmy sweetie before she lost 33 pounds.  We ate well in Montreal.