Monday, February 9, 2009

Adjusting to the weather

It was cool last night. We had to bring a couple of our plants into the house.
I saw  snowflakes. They were little itty bitty things but it was snow. At least a dozen flakes. I am now officially depressed.  My wife thinks I am overreacting.  I don't think so.
This morning I called a travel agent. I told him that I am pondering a move to Equador.
How can a place with the name Equador actually be cold?  It can't. 
There are other factors.  I have family in Equador.  A cousin. Jay.
The last time I saw him was 1958, I believe.  I haven't heard from him in a while but I am sure he would be glad to see me. Jay will be so happy to see my wife and me. Is his name Ray or Jay? Oh, It might be Jimmie. or is that his brother?
Hmmm! The fact that I have not heard from him bothers me a little. perhaps he was kidnapped by left wing guerillas or some left handed gorillas. I am told that they have some of those in South America. In either case I would have to bring a suitcase full of bananas or a suitcase full of money. This is a good reason not to go to Equador.
Perhaps Costa Rica.
I have no relatives there.

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