Thursday, June 4, 2009

Yahoo Answers! Really???

I enjoy whenever I need a good laugh.  I am really not sure what I enjoy the most about it.  There are so many things to choose from. I usually go to the society and culture category.  This is where the arrogant self righteous religiously indoctrinated argue with the arrogant self righteous atheist. The bible person will quote some vague scripture with a lot of verily,  a few "thines or thou", mention some guy named Ezekial, Ezra, and Ebenezer and say, "That's my proof, Hah!" 
 The Atheist will salvo with some scientific mumbo-jumbo, toss in Darwin,  Newton, (not the cookie), a few other heavyweights in the science industry.  This interaction is continuous and fun to read.
If you really need a correct answer, this is not the place to find it.  The question is thrown out for a vote.  It is voted on by other people who know very little about anything.  They just like the way the answer sounded to them. After about a week or a year the voting is over.  Yahoo will send you an email stating, " Your answer has been voted the best answer".  The right answer? Not usually. 
If a person doesn't like your stupid answer to their stupid question they can complain to Yahoo.  Yahoo can give you a five yard penalty and remove your stupid answer to their stupid question.
A few sample questions for your viewing enjoyment.
  • I can't fly properly in my dreams.(I knew how, so I answered. )
  • Be hoenest, am I uegley? (flickr pix) (Yes, and you can't spell either.)
  • Please help! How do I get rid of Trojans on my laptop? (tongs or rubber gloves?)
  • If god doesn't exist who named the planets? (let me see. 2 were named after cars, one after a candy bar, One after a body part, One after a dog, One after a town in Florida,  One after  a statue. If God named them he has a nifty sense of humor.)
  • How do you use the word "defer" in a sentence? (Defer on my dog has mange.) It just goes on and on.  so....feel free to have your question answered by the experts. 

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