Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Tribute to Bernard A. Fife: 138 Pounds of muscle and sinew.

I have watched "The Andy Griffith Show" many times. It is the one series I never really get sick of watching. The characters were outstanding. My personal favorite was Barney Fife. When the show started Barney was the glue that held it together. Don Knotts won 5 Emmys in 5 seasons for his performance as Barney Fife (best supporting actor).

Barney's Log Book: Barney lived at 411 Elm Street, Mayberry, NC. He joined the sheriff's office on May 16, 1959. He is 5'8" (when stretched) and weighs between 138 and 138.5 pounds. Languages he says he can speak are: Spanish, Pig Latin, some French, and Bird. Shoe size is 7.5 B.
A little known fact about theFife family: Everything they ate turned to muscle. Barney's mother was the same way. She could eat, eat, eat. It never went to fat, just muscle.
When he wore his salt and pepper suit he considered
himself "The Adolph Menjou of Mayberry. It was his only suit.
He was supposed to be in only a couple of episodes but the producer (Sheldon Leonard) realized he had something special and made Barney a regular. In the first show , "The New Housekeeper,"he played Andy's Cousin Barney. In that show he made his first arrest. He arrested Emma Brand for Jaywalking.
A few of the names Barney called himself: Reliable Barney Fife (1st episode), Barney the Bulkhead (explaining what he becomes when using his body as a weapon), Barney the Rabbit (because of how fast Barney was when he was a kid). Mad Dog, Fast Gun Fife and numerous others.
In Barney's yearbook his middle name is "Milton". In the book "Inside Mayberry" his middle initial is A. At other times it was "P".
One of the all time classic bits:" We the people". Barney recites "The Preamble of the Constitution."

Another funny bit: It is called Barney's Gun.
I have added a clip I found. I hope you enjoy it.

Great quotes from "The Andy Griffith Show."
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  1. Great blog! I love your approach.

  2. I love to watch this show too. This is the era in which my dad grew up. Every time I watch I wish I lived in that world, in that time.

  3. It was a great time to grow up. I read your blog. You are feisty, intelligent lady. I am happy that your life is going well now. I had a hit a few speedbumps on the road of life also.