Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Real Me (Philosophically speaking)

 Philosophy: You would think someone with my mental acumen and wit would follow the philosophical thoughts of someone such as Sir Isaac Newton (The inventor of gravity and those tasty fig cookies) or some other profound thought processors such as Socrates, Aristotle or Ozzie Osborne.  

But, no!!! 

My philosophical admirations lean towards Garfield, Bugs Bunny, or the Pink Panther. While it is true that they are fictional cartoon characters, they embody the things in life that are important to me if only in a proverbial sense.

Garfield’s simple philosophical homilies can be wrapped in one statement which cuts right through the philosophical posturing and one-upsmanship by stating: “ Show me a good mouser and I will show you a cat with bad breath.”

On the other hand, Bugs often will ask the Philosophical Query, “What’s up, Doc?”  

 It is such a simple statement.  Yet, it cuts through the pretentiousness of current philosophical thought.

The Pink Panther? I just like the skip in his step.

Incidentally, my wife just told me that Isaac Newton did not invent gravity.  Hmmm! He must have improved it.  She said that an apple fell on his head and he started spouting stuff about gravity.

My wife also stated that the only thing that would have any significant mental impact on me would be an anvil falling on my head. I am not sure what she means.

This is the Philosophy of life.

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