Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Celebrity Apprentice" is great Comedy as "The Donald" accidently fires himself.

I watched Celebrity Apprentice Sunday night.  I was a tad concerned what would happen if Melissa Rivers was fired. I was worried that someone my put up a big stinky about it.
Well I need not had worried.  Melissa exited with dignity, grace and decorum. Her mother also. 
I am not sure who is spray painted "Nazi back stabbing slut whore bitch pit viper" on Annie Dukes wall in the Trump Tower.   
Perhaps it was the little japanese guy with the black cowboy hat. I believe his name is Crint Brack.  I heard him say "kinishi wa you all".  Is this guy really Japanese?....huh?
Oh, my wife told me that he is a Country singer.  
What country? Japan? Hah!
My wife suspects he may have had a face lift. She suspects he never takes off his hat because he has a big ball of skin rolled up in a knot on the back of his head.  I cannot argue with that.
The fact is that there is so much plastic in the board room that if you added some splenda you could open up a Diet Pepsi bottling plant.
Joan Rivers looks like a duck. If she gets anything else added to her lips she will look like a platypus. I think her feet have been surgically webbed.  It is a good thing she has such a pleasant personality otherwise she would be a hurting unit.
Doesn't she have any real friends? Doesn't she have a mirror? Does her plastic surgeon
advertise "Visit Dr. Carver D. Butcher  and you can look like Joan Rivers."...Wow!!!
The Celebrity Apprentice is starting to look like a carnival freak show.
 Dennis Rodman is starting to look like a pretty normal guy.
Melissa and Joan are incapable smiling even if they had an urge to do so.
Crint looks like a Japanese guy who thinks the Japanese actually won WW II.
 Brande upper lip and chest are like cement.
Jessie James looks like he was dressed in a dark closet and Stevie Wonder picked out his wardrobe.
Chloe was fired because she drank and drove in Hollywood.  Something that is virtually unheard of there. After she was fired everyone went back to there room at Trump Towers and pop the champagne.
Ti Watkins did not volunteer to be fired. She volunteered to go to the board room with Melissa. She didn't have a big enough name and she did not stir enough crap to get the
audience attention. She was very efficient in a quiet way.  That does not attract an audience.  Your fired!!!
Natalie Gulbis was eye candy. smart, but she did not stir enough crap either. Your fired!
Annie Dukes is a professional poker player.  The Rivers Ravers have accused her of being deceitful. What a shocker there. Correct me if I am wrong but a poker player often has to be deceitful. They have to make you think they have a royal flush ace high when they have a pair of threes.  I think Annie is doing what she does best.

As for the  "Donald" , He is a legend.  He certainly is a legend in his own mind.
I am thinking that his empire is very fragile. He may be living in a house of cards and the next big wind will make it tumble.  He has been there before. Is he more shadow than substance. Time will tell.

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