Wednesday, May 26, 2010

But seriously folks!!!


Lately I have come up with a lot of ideas for blogging. I just don't feel like writing about them right now. I don't have writer's block. I have writer's malaise. There are a lot of distractions in my life right now. I have eight blogs in the draft column right now.

Since I am in this minor fugue state, I will tell you about some people who think outside the box.
Some are serious and thought provoking sites. Some are humorous.
I will start with TED , a thought provoking site that presents some interesting ideas.

The next link has to do with the massive oil spill and an idea. Solution?
What do you think?

You will love this one. I will call it "reunion".
Some are just inspiring. Like "Harmonica Man".
Where is this girl from? She has an accent. This one is just fun.
A site for trivia junkies. Mental floss magazine. Interesting stuff.
Need a laugh? You fool!!!
The real "Rain Man", Kim Peek.
The man who remained quiet for 17 years. fascinating story.

I feel better. I hope you will check some of these links. I think you will feel better too.


  1. Great links! Lots of fun stuff. :-)

  2. Thanks!!! I like that kind of information. All good stories.

  3. *mingle*

    Definitely like that solution for the oil spill. Looks like you found several interesting links. Thanks for leading us to them.

  4. TED is a great site. I've watched several of the lectures there before. I'll look forward to catching the rest of your suggestions. Thanks!