Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Life at the Beach.

Today is a good day to tell you about our life at the beach.
We live 500 steps from the ocean. We are moving so we can be closer to the ocean.
We will be 450 steps from the ocean when we move.
The truth is; we wanted to be home owners again. We found a nice place to buy.
We had a wonderful landlord and terrific neighbors.
"We're stayin"....and here's some reasons why!
What we do for fun.
Photo above was for the official grand opening of the boardwalk. CBS was there.

Wilson seems to enjoy it very much. below

He is taking some sun. Under that fur is a nice tan.

This is his little area. He likes looking out doors and windows.

The Boardwalk at 10th Avenue North.

Below: Gazebo
A nice spot on a hot summer day.

Sharks tooth found
(note serrated edges)
Busy beach on April 2.

Geocaching find at gazebo.


  1. Looks like a beautiful place; have never been to SC, but have tried. Hurricane Hugo put a damper on our last attempt, so I guess we're a bit overdue. When is "low" season?


  2. I miss the ocean! I never lived as close as 450-500 steps away, though.

    *mingle on*

  3. So gorgeous. I can't imagine moving to be in almost the same place. The thought makes me cringe!

    And congrats on finding the geocache. It gets a bit addicting though, so be careful!

  4. I'm so glad That's My answer sent me to *mingle* (can this count for two entries?)

    I love the beach and would love to live so close. I'm 80 miles away, but those San Francisco genes keep calling me home.

    I've never tried geocaching, but the whole thing really sounds fun.

  5. New Boardwalk looks great, but I still miss the Pavilion.

  6. The Old Pavillion was torn down before I got here. I never had the chance to enjoy it. The Boardwalk is very nice. MB is a growing town.

  7. Wow...I had no idea they had a new Boardwalk at Myrtle Beach.
    We're in Columbia,
    We'll have to come down sometime and check it out.

  8. *Mingle*
    Will you adopt me?
    I love the beach!