Thursday, May 6, 2010

100 things I don't like.

While reading other people's blogs, I get ideas for my own blogs. I have read this one several times. The blogger always writes interesting stuff. It is called "100 things I like".
Since I am older now I can pretend to be a curmudgeon. Sometimes there is no good reason for my dislikes. Everybody has dislikes. I heard that Mother Theresa did not like penguins. I heard that Gandhi and the Dali lama had a fist fight over what was the better ice cream. Maple Walnut or Butter Pecan. So everybody has dislikes.

So I will start my list and give reasons for my dislikes. I will use "100 things I like" as my template. I am sure I will be hard pressed to come up with a hundred things I don't like.
The Yuck List

Twitter* too limiting, short.
Email with forwards. and 1000 of my closest friends.
Snow* After shoveling it, driving in it, feeling the coldness of it, I have had enough of it.
long laces on sneakers. Why do they have to be 9 ft. long?
My videos. I will never be a good movie maker. So I don't have much fun with it. This is too bad. I have a great little camera and a bad operator.
Full priced books. We always buy our books at huge discounts through Amazon or flea markets.
Listerine....anything but Listerine....please!!!!
killing plants.....We are plant killers. We are not allowed into any florist shop on the east coast.
Going to movie theaters. The popcorn is too expensive and I cannot put it on pause and go to the bathroom.
The game of life...It ends stupidly...You play the whole game for this stupid ending? I guess it is like real life.
puzzles you need an IQ of 234 to figure the answer. Hate it.
Self righteous people. And I know I am right about this.
Driving in the rain. I do not see well when it rains or in the dark.
Hard rock bands are not for me. I am still stuck in the 50's and doo-wop.
Binoculars that aren't adjustable. It really limits the spectacular vistas. My eyes again.
The smell of Wilson's litter box five minutes after he uses it. not pretty.
Barking dogs really annoy me. Barking little dogs. Bad dog owners.
Republican "Birthers". Move on with your life. I have been a Republican all my life. I think they have lost sight of what they are suppose to do. They are suppose to help make this country better. They have some other agenda right now. they are starting to act like lunatics and I am starting to question my allegiance to them. It is a tough time in this country right now. We should be pulling together. Just the opposite is happening. I am disappointed. The birther thing just tells me how far off issues they are.
I hate desktop computers. I love my Macbook laptop. I would probably love any laptop, even Windows. But I am really happy with my Macbook.
Smokers. I smoked for almost 40 years. What was I thinking? What a stupid habit.
Cellphone user that are in their little bubble. I am thinking of buying a Saxophone. Anytime I deem it inappropriate cellphone use, I will start playing my sax. This will burst their little bubble.
Old friends who think that sending a forward to you is considered communication with me.
Games that have use for knowledge or skill are a waste. "Deal or no deal".
TV show "Brothers and Sisters". I hate it. I am hoping that one of the characters will go mad and kill off all the other character. It is a boringly pretentious show with annoying characters. My wife loves it. I am waiting for someone to go mad. I hope it won't be me.

Well, I have made it through the first 25.
Maybe I won't make it to 100. I will continue

  • butt cleavage
  • liver
  • dirty dreadlocks
  • jellyfish stings
  • cigarette smoke
  • people who ignore the "Do not use cell phone" at the doctors office. I am going to buy a saxophone and play it when people forget their cellphones manners.
  • line jumpers at the supermarket.
  • waitresses that bug you constantly. "Is everything ok?.. Is everything ok?" ..... "Yes, just like is was 30 seconds ago. leave me alone."
  • Cashiers who ask me to contribute to a charity EVERY time I check out at the Supermarket.
  • Numerous religious groups knocking on my door trying to save me from eternal damnation. I have been told their are only a limited number of people allowed into heaven when the end comes in 2012. 39 seats on the salvation express. Get your seat now.
  • Palmetto bugs, the state pet of South Carolina. They are cockroaches on steroids.
  • South Carolina drivers. They think all state highways are part of the DarlingtonSpeedway and drive accordingly.
  • Those over sized hip-hop hats that people wear sideways. I suppose it deflects from the stupid stuff they're wearing below your neck.
  • drivers that use someone's handicap tag just so they can get a better parking spot. no handicap...just available.
  • Texting.... Don't people talk face to face anymore? Can they write a sentence anymore? r u 1 o dem?
  • Rosie O! lousy person...good actress though!
  • Brussel sprouts....back to Belgium with ya!!!
  • dog poop on my sneakers. It gets into the grooves. It never goes away.
  • Long hair on my head.
  • The smell of wet dogs.
  • People who get too religiously preachy in their blog. You want everyone to know you are a fine Christian and are going to heaven. Good for you.
  • People who park in my assigned parking spot. I feel like they have violated my personal space. They have.
  • Comedians who can't be funny without profanity.
  • People who can't make it through a sentence without saying "like" or "f_ _k" and its 600 variations. learn a new word occasionally.
  • People who tell me I need anger management. I feel an urge to slap them.

I think that's a start!!!!
I may be a few short of 100.


  1. I can think of one "texter" in particular for whom I'd like to borrow your about being in their own self-indulgent bubble!


  2. I love your yuck list. I wonder if I can make it to 100...

  3. Oh, this is a great idea! :-)


  4. I love your list! Can I say DITTO?


  5. Amen on brussel sprouts! Bleh! What a great list, and a great laugh.

    Happy mingling!

  6. I am not too crazy about turnip. This is the turnip test for Amy.

  7. I like the idea of a yuck list... maybe it was therapeutic venting it out as well. Have to agree with a lot of things on your list (but not all -- I like brussel sprouts!) especially the cashier/charity thing. I mean really, every time?