Monday, July 6, 2009

Great photo's of the 20th Century or 19th.

I was cleaning the attic the other day when I came across a bunch of old photos, postcards and news clippings.
Some of them were photos from the 1950's and 60's. Some are very old. There were few that are metallic. I did a little research and this process was used between 1851 into the early 20th century. It was called
sadly, all of the old photos I have are undated and have no captions. I have no idea who these people are. I know some are relatives. There are hundreds of interesting photos.
**So I will put the photos in this blog and make them more interesting than they really are. The photo below: That is my Uncle Harold walking towards the dirigible "Hindenburg". He is a psychic. He is on his way to tell them not to land in Lindenhurst NJ. He had a bad dream about it. How
ever the young ladies in front of him start flirting with him. Uncle Harold is also a ladies man. He never made it to the "Hindenburg". Well, I guess you know the rest of story. Sorry, Paul Harvey.

**Once again, my Uncle Harold is out and about. He can be seen in the back of the boat without his tie. Uncle Oscar, who is rowing and has fallen asleep. It doesn't really matter. As you can clearly see, they are in the middle of apple orchard. Uncle Oscar, who is 5' 1" tall and is a wiry 103 pounds, has found that rowing through an orchard can be very tiring.
"Hey guys, Where is your PFD's?" You don't want to break any laws.

**This next picture is my Great Uncle Mortimer and Great Aunt Jezebel
and Their two kids. We think there were mental problems in this branch of the family tree. Jezebel is holding "Little Blanche" and Mortimer is holding on to "Norman". Ironically, They all had red hair. Even Norman, who we believe was adopted. Norman disappeared one day while out walking in the back pasture. They asked their neighbors, The Lecters, if they had seen "Norm". They said, "We haven't but we will ask our son, Hannibal", who was attending a barbecue at that time. Norm was never seen again.

**The two distinguished looking gentlemen with the hats and overcoats are my uncle Milo on the left and Uncle Percy on the right. These guys could not agree on anything. This picture was taken at 3 am. These guys are on their way to the outhouse. It is a little known fact that they would get all dressed up just to walk to the outhouse. These guys would put on a necktie to fart. Milo thought they should go to town and get their hats blocked and shoes shined before going to the outhouse. Uncle Percy disagreed but deferred to the older Milo. While in
town they decided to have their picture taken. They disagreed whether it should be done indoors or out. As you can see from the photo it was a compromise. either it is really cloudy inside or they put down linoleum outside. I think Uncle Percy dropped a deuce before he made it to the outhouse. He had to many layers of clothes. Hence, the expression on his face. On the back of the picture it says picture taken July 16th, 1912.

**The next photo is a picture of the Barrows Gang when they visited my hometown.
I believe that is Clyde Barrows driving. Bonnie Parker is beside him. Blanche is in the backseat. (She's cute!!!!) Buck Barrows is standing beside the car.
They just robbed the local bank. My Uncle Luther asked if he could take a picture of them. They were more than happy to do so. Then they shot uncle Luther dead. The kids in the photo are little Johnny Dillinger and little Alphonse Capone. I am not sure what kind of car it is. Do you? I know it is not an Austin Healy Sprite.
I have more pictures like this and of course more lies.
Note: Top photo is wet plate collodian process.


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    I love old photos. Just a suggestion: maybe you can post some of them all around to see if anyone recognizes any. I found on the Internet a photo of my father, aged 13 (that's over 70 years ago!), that I didn't know existed.

  2. thanks Tammy! Wilson says "Hi!"