Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Where did all my friends go? To the farm?

Could you run that by me again?
I have been invited once again to become a farmer on Facebook. Which brings me to the question: Why am I on Facebook and where is Farmville? I don't want to help you with your crops. Leave me alone.
I may join Farmville just so I can let loose a plague of locust followed by an invasion by an army of ants. Is that a possible option?

Why Facebook at all? Some people just have too much free time. They tell you more than you really need to know. I didn't know my Uncle Percy had thirteen bowel movements in an eight hour period. Wow! This is special.

I don't have many Facebook friends. Eighteen, I believe. My wife and I communicate regularly on Facebook. She is one of my friends.
My friend Matt has about eight hundred Facebook friends. I don't even know that many people. Wow! That is a lot of stamps for Christmas cards.

I don't know why Matt has so many friends. He doesn't even have a Farmville farm.
Perhaps it is because he is a tall, tanned, intelligent MB lifeguard who smiles a lot. My wife says he is kinda good looking also. That can't hurt.

There are some causes or clubs on Facebook that I might be interested in. Here's a list of a few that others might be interested in joining.
  • Squirrels against frozen nuts.
  • Reefer sadness. (Glaucoma sufferers of South Carolina)
  • Bad Yearbook pictures. (That is a blog in itself.)
  • 101 uses for a human carcass.
Well, at least it's not My Space. My Space is really lovely if you're a 9 year old rap singer.
I've taken steps to clean up my email. This has been a thorny issue for quite a while.
I blocked certain emails. I set up rules. I explained to my friends about viruses. It will block any email that is a forward: I will miss my relatives and friends. I told them that a forward is like having sex with everyone on the list. Some of the guys wanted to know where they could sign up.
A couple said they had herpes so they didn't care. One girl sprayed her computer with Lysol after I told her.
Ah well, I tried. Sadly I haven't gotten an email in three weeks. Not even from Barrister Michael Okubu in Nigeria. He is handling my Nigerian financial affairs.
I expect to come into some money very soon. I hope I live long enough to spend it.

One of my recent emails told me to forward it to twenty four of my closest friends or my teeth would fall out and I would die on January first of next year.
Nice friend!!!
I lost all my friends now that I made some rules. I checked my spam folder, and there seem to be a lot of people who want to be my friends and help me with certain issues. There are so many to choose from, really. Should I go for the breast enlargment or the dates with Russian girls? My wife keeps receiving offers to enlarge her penis.
Oh wait, I can get a free credit score for $29.95.

I guess I can delete a few things.
Apple wants to know if I want to buy an Ipad. (too late) delete.
Amazon wants to know if I want a kindle. Nope! see above. delete.
Amazon wants to know if I want twenty other things. They are making suggestions. delete, delete, delete.
Classmates is offering a premium membership. Already happened. (note to myself.. why am I a member of classmates? Oh, it is called social networking.) delete.
Apple wants to know if I wish to keep my membership for mobileme. Right! basically $99 for email and 5 other things I don't use. delete
Reader's Digest wants me to subscribe to their booklet. I am already subscribed up to the year 2034. Do I want to subscribe to a magazine that is now officially crap and is 50% advertisement? delete

Wow!!! My inbox is totally empty.
I think I will go get the mail....

I'm back.

Let's see what we have today. It is getting close to Christmas. Let's shuffle through all the nice Christmas cards we received:
  • the Honda dealership in Vermont wishes us a Merry Christmas and tells us our maintenaince is due. We sold the Honda 6 months ago
  • some company in Florida is informing us that it is our last chance to renew our Kia maintenance service contract. We sold that car three years ago
  • Bank of America wants to sell us some life insurance
  • Visa is telling us what a great deal they have for a credit card
Mastercard is telling me how lucky I am because they raised my credit line by a few grands

I will pin these on the fireplace. I feel so into the season now.
That is my mail for today.

Back to my computer. Oh, some one nudged me on Facebook. It was my wife.

My wife suggested that if I wanted to have her as a Facebook friend I should empty my trash folder or (and I quote) " I will kick your butt so hard and so long that it will end up in Russia and will be so large you will go to a plastic surgeon for a butt reshaping and reduction."

I believe I will keep her as a Facebook friend. Perhaps we can have a little farm together.


  1. I just went thru my FB friends and deleted those that I really just don't give a hoot about. I got tired of reading about how GREAT their lives are (NOBODY'S LIFE CAN BE THAT GREAT ALL THE TIME!!).

    I am down to 80. Most of them are relatives and I kept them because it's easier to share pics of the kids that way.

    I don't Farm or Poke or Hug or any of those things. Ick.

  2. I will probably be the last Facebook non-user on the Internet.

  3. Hello, I'm a Farmville addict. But I don't try to recruit people.



  4. My daughter plays some farm game on my iPad, I was supposed to take care of it while she was away at camp. I totally ruined the crops.

    I hope you are having a wonderful holiday!