Monday, June 8, 2009

Writing my great American mystery novel (PART ONE)

After reading numerous mysteries and writing a few blogs,  I think I am ready to write my first mystery novel. I believe I will model it after John Sandford's Lucas Davenport. Lucas is the main character of the prey series.  I am tinkering with the idea of calling my main  character Colt Brandisher or Uzi Glock.  I think the name Colt sounds very manly, Uzi Glock would be a good name for an Israeli agent.  I will file that name away for future use.
 Mine could be the Pray series. It will take place in Vatican City. Hmmm! No good. Not enough crime.  Sandford has the Minneapolis/St. Paul area pretty much taken. It is also too long a city name.  He even calls it the twin cities and has a many of his crimes in St. Paul because Minneapolis is to long a name and to difficult to spell. My character will definitely not be based in Albuquerque or Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.  Connecticut and that  next state with the long name that starts with M is out. The city and state with the liberty bell is definitely out. Perhaps Albeny, New York.  I can spell that. Maybe not.
My mystery should be located in a warm climate.  We can't have the characters spending time taking off their snowmobile suits and parkas especially if there is romance or S-E-X involved. Can You picture it. "I am too tired  and not in the mood to have sex now. It took me twenty minutes to get my boots off.  I am going to  rest now.  Leave me alone." 
It must be a warm place with a short, easy to spell name. Perhaps Dallas, Texas.

Next problem: A woman for Colt.  A name. We don't want anything too cheesy.
Hmmm! I am leaning towards Velveeta Muskmelon. Remember, there is some question whether Velveeta is actually cheese. I think the name is kinda sexy. especially the muskmelon part.
Next problem: Character development.  Colt has to be kinda quirky. Perhaps we can have him shooting a crossbow instead of a gun.  Hmmm.  This might be quirky but is it practical?  Let see, What would the networks pick up in a flash?  We have had blind detectives, crippled detectives, psychic detectives,  mumbling detectives, and stupid detectives. They have them all pretty well covered except for a dead detective.  That may have been done but I missed it.
Well....It appears that I have a few issues to iron out before I send my great American mystery novel to my agent.   My agent?  Yikes, I don't have an agent. Ummmm! I will get back to you later.

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